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Dear Diaton Tonometer Community,

As we reflect on the past year, I am humbled and proud to lead Diaton Tonometer in our shared mission of advancing eye health and preventing blindness due to glaucoma. Our commitment to innovation, clinical excellence, and global impact has never been stronger.

**Blindness Prevention through Glaucoma Screenings:**

Our focus on glaucoma screenings continues to be at the forefront of our efforts. We firmly believe that early detection is key to preventing blindness. The testimonials from individuals whose sight has been saved through timely screenings inspire us daily.

**Clinical Trials and Excellence:**

I am delighted to share the success of our recent clinical trials, validating the accuracy and reliability of the Diaton Tonometer and well as unique applications of our transpalpebral transleral technology. These trials reinforce our commitment to providing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools for precise glaucoma screenings.

**Expansion into New Areas:**

In the spirit of growth and impact, I’m thrilled to announce our expansion into new regions. This expansion will allow us to reach more communities and contribute to the global effort of eye health awareness and accessibility to advanced diagnostics.

**Versatility of Diaton Tonometer:**

Diaton Tonometer is making a difference in various settings. From hospitals to remote clinics, its non-contact methodology offers a unique advantage. It’s heartening to know that our technology is being used in diverse environments, ensuring eye health reaches every corner of the globe.

**A Global Perspective:**

We are proud to serve local as well as international communities where Diaton Tonometer has become a valuable tool in the hands of dedicated healthcare professionals. Our collective efforts are making strides toward a world where preventable blindness is minimized.

As we look ahead, our commitment to advancing eye health remains steadfast. Together, let us continue to make a meaningful impact, one screening at a time.

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead.


Roman Iospa

CEO, Diaton Tonometer

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