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At the prestigious American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, the DIATON Tonometer emerged as a highlight. Garnering widespread attention, this innovative tonometry device is revolutionizing how intraocular pressure (IOP) is measured for glaucoma diagnosis. Esteemed ophthalmologists from across the globe, both on-site and remotely, witnessed its groundbreaking capabilities.

Innovative Diaton Tonometer – IOP THROUGH EYELID Featured at the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Revolutionizing Eye Care with DIATON Tonometer

DIATON’s transpalpebral and scleral tonometry technology addresses critical challenges in traditional corneal tonometry methods. By not relying on corneal metrics, DIATON offers more accurate IOP readings, circumventing issues like corneal irregularities, scarring, or edema that can skew results.

Unique Approach to IOP Measurement

DIATON’s non-corneal technique, performed via the upper eyelid and not directly on the cornea, ensures a more accurate, safer and more hygienic process. It’s suitable for diverse scenarios, including mass screenings, monitoring glaucoma therapy, and use in patients with corneal pathologies, immobilization, or contact lenses. This latex-free device is a boon for allergy sufferers and can be used immediately post-eye surgeries like LASIK.

Expanding Reach and Impact

Under the guidance of Roman Iospa, CEO of DevelopAll Inc., DIATON tonometer is poised for international growth, leveraging expertise from industry leaders. DevelopAll’s comprehensive customer service, encompassing training, support, and sales, makes DIATON an accessible choice for various medical settings.

Addressing a Crucial Health Challenge

According to, there are about 80 million people worldwide with glaucoma. The age-standardized prevalence of glaucoma is around 3–5% in the population aged 40 years and older worldwide. Glaucoma, a condition often symptomless until significant vision loss occurs, early and accurate diagnosis is crucial. DIATON’s innovative through the eyelid approach offers a significant advancement in the fight against this silent threat.

DevelopAll Inc.’s Commitment

Headquartered in New York City, DevelopAll Inc. is dedicated to combating blindness caused by glaucoma. The DIATON Tonometer, measuring IOP through the eyelid and sclera, is a testament to their commitment to early diagnosis and treatment.

For more information or to purchase, visit or contact Team Diaton Tonometer at 1-877-diatons (877-342-8667). Stay updated and connect with DIATON through their social media

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Smart Tonometer Diaton provides a Safer Tonometry Option to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) for glaucoma diagnostics.

DIATON’s role in reducing infection exposure risks and its cost-effective, disposable-free operation adds to its appeal in today’s healthcare landscape. Contact the DIATON team for more details and join their mission in advancing eye care safety and efficiency.

Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer

  • Preferred by Doctors and Patients
  • Easy to use. Can be used by any trained personnel
  • Quick, Puff-free & Painless (Perfect for children and adults)
  • No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid and sclera)
  • No need for anesthesia drops (no side effects)
  • No need to take out Contacts or Scleral lenses (Only with Diaton)
  • Safe. No risk of infecting or scratching cornea (safer vs other methods)
  • Cost efficient. No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips, probes or covers, etc.)
  • Latex-free, handheld, non-contact, portable, pen-like tonometer
  • No sterilization (just alcohol swab is used to wipe off the tip)
  • Accurate. No pachymetry needed (independent of corneal biomechanics)
  • No special set-up needed (measure anytime, anywhere without the need of any other preparation before the eye examination)
  • IOP Monitoring enables IOP monitoring with Contact Lenses or Scleral Lenses being on the eye
  • Ready-to-use. Daily calibration not required (saves time)

Who Uses the Diaton Tonometer?

Diaton Tonometer is intended for use by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic technicians as well as Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care Clinics, Nursing & Elderly Homes, General & Specialty Practitioners.

Contact Team Diaton at 1-877-342-8667 to obtain more information or get a price quote. Immediate price quote is available online here: