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Canadians Eye Unique Tonometer Diaton at Fairmont Queen Elizabeth COS Meeting; BiCOM Signs NOI and Reveals Diaton to Canada, Creating Buzz

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Canadians Eye Unique Tonometer Diaton at Fairmont Queen Elizabeth COS Meeting; BiCOM Signs NOI and Reveals Diaton to Canada, Creating Buzz

BiCOM Inc. presents its Unique Diaton tonometer – tonometry through the Eyelid to Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) and Affiliated Societies at a Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal Quebec together with Canadian Diaton tonometer Distributor Northern Optotronics (NOI). New tonometer creates a big Buzz in Canada.

Mr. Ross McDonald, Vice President of NOI and a 25-year veteran of the ophthalmic and medical device industries said, "In my 25 years of experience in the ophthalmic industry, this is the first time that I see so much interest in a new product. Tonometer Diaton will have great success in the market."

Professionals from the following organizations attended the COS event: Canadian Association of Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Canadian Cornea, External Disease & Refractive Surgery Society, Canadian Glaucoma Society, Canadian Neuro-ophthalmology Society, Canadian Ophthalmic Pathology Society, Canadian Retina & Vitreous Society, Canadian Society of Oculo-plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Medical Personnel, Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses, The Canadian Orthoptic Society.

Diaton Tonometry is a unique approach to measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) THROUGH THE EYELID – no contact with the cornea, no anesthesia or sterilization is required. BiCOM's pen-like, hand-held, portable device is perfect for measuring eye pressure and helps ophthalmologists and optometrists in diagnosis and prevention of blindness caused by glaucoma. This ophthalmic device is irreplaceable for mass glaucoma screenings.

This new transpalpebral methodology has received Gold Medal of the International Exhibition of Innovation Research and New Technology "Brussels Eureca" & Gold Medal of the International Exhibition of Research and new Technology in "Geneva"
Portability, safety and simplicity make tonometer diaton ideal for a wide range of applications: for mass screening of the population, at the patient's bedside, in geriatrics homes, in children hospitals, the military or even at home.
Tonometer Diaton can be used in the following cases:
• – screening prophylactic mass examinations of the patients;
• – IOP control during clinical observation of the patients suffered from glaucoma;
• – ortoclinostatical probe, as an additional test during glaucoma diagnostics and during selection of adequatehypo-tensive therapy;
• – IOP measuring during contact correction (lenses are not taken out),
• – ophthalmotone day monitoring(especially at night time);
• – IOP measuring in children.
• – IOP measuring in immobilized patients;
• – in the presence in patient of chronic conjunctivitis, cornea pathology, including keratitis, keratotone, cornea dimness, after penetrating keratoplastics, keratoprosthesis, laser refractive correction of the eyesight, high degree of ametropy, astigmatism;
• – presence in patient of medicinal allergy
• – Lasik/ PRK (recent clinical trials have proved that Diaton is the only device that can be used for IOP measurement right after these surgeries)
Tonometer Diaton is not only good for determining the potential for glaucoma onset. It can also be used for monitoring treatment effectiveness throughout the day. Unlike other tonometers, Diaton can be used repeatedly during the day with no effect on the eye.

More information on the device or to make a purchase can be done through the website: or by dialing BiCOM toll free 1-877-diatons (877.342.8667)

BiCOM Inc. plans to expand to over 30 countries by the end of this year and is currently moving forward according to this plan.

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