Thank you for having Team Diaton at ALLDocs Meeting – We Enjoyed Meeting You!

Many have already added Diaton to their practice.

Tonomoter Diaton AllDocs

We appreciate your interest and the attention you’ve given to us and our Diaton Tonometer – IOP Through Eyelid and Sclera. This innovative tonometry technology will enable you to do so much more…

One of the important topics is a current need to measure, monitor and document IOP with Scleral Lenses ON – The Diaton is the only tonometer to enable practices to do such measurements. Ref:

Major Advantages of Diaton Tonometer

No Contact with Cornea

No Drops

No Consumables

No Risk of Infection

Hand-held, Quick and Painless

Can measure with Scleral Contact Lenses On

Easy to Use